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Once you understand the difference between hunger and craving, your fitness journey will be much more pleasurable🙂

If you noticed that you have cravings often:

✨ Stop for a sec, take a breath and think what causes this situation? Were you bored? Stressed? Or sad? And yes, of course chocolate will put you in a better mood! But... just for 2 mins🤷🏻‍♀️ After, you’re still gonna be bored or in bad mood, plus most likely there will be guilty feeling now also. Something for you to try next time:

👉Don’t overthink but act fast🙌

I always take a 10 deep breaths, stand up, drink plenty of water and go for quick walk. When I’m back, then I decide if this was craving or maybe I was hungry? Usually the craving is gone. 

✨ Look closely into your vitamins intake. 

Did you know that your body actually needs 30 vitamins and minerals on a daily basis to function? There are many foods available that supply all these nutrients, and I will always start there, to make sure that I’m eating real, nutrient dense food🙌 But many of us fail to consume foods to meet those needs. Solution? 

👉 Zinc, chromium and magnesium supplements can help🙂

BUT if there’s still a donut in front of you and you just can’t help yourself, donut worry and just eat it! And forgive yourself, learn something from the problem, try and correct it and move on. Be patient with yourself and to practice the techniques that will help you to succeed. It takes time to change long-time habits, and usually with processes of change, there comes relapse as well🙂

Learn better eating habits, maintain your training and diet in a healthy way👉 click the link on my bio if you want to know more! 

Thanks for reading! 

Monika @under5fit💙

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