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One of the most common excuse I hear from people saying that they can't live healthy is the lack of time. They usually say that they have no time to exercise, or prepare healthy, colourful meals. And because of this lack of time, they finish each evening watching TV and eating junk food. And here I just want to say that doing this sometimes is totally ok. Most of us have busy schedules, work, kids and we are just simply tired. And that is totally fine! However if you consider your lifestyle as unhealthy at the moment, why not to try something different and see how it goes? I’m sure soon you’ll see benefits of it, sometimes changing even small morning routine can have huge impact to the whole day.

Here are some of my ways to put healthy lifestyle into our busy calendar. If you tried and see benefits of it, tell me about it!

In most cases, implementing a healthy lifestyle into a planner is really a matter of time organisation. The better we manage time, the more we have - and let's face it, making a homemade meal is usually more time consuming than reheating a casserole, I totally agree. But in my opinion - even the busiest people working from dawn to night can at least slightly change their lifestyle to a healthier - of course, if they want it. Sometimes we waste too much time scrolling on your phone, watching TV, doing nothing and that time we could use much better. I’ll share now few of my ideas, they might be helpful for you to create a new routine:

HEALTHY FOOD This one is a tough one. Because while we manage to find the time for half an hour of exercise, getting some extra time to make a healthy meal can be a problem. But the truth is that actually meal prep is time saver not waste, you just need good plan! Also,  you know what you eat and probably this way is more healthy. Here I put together few things that I usually stick to, even with busy schedule.  You don’t have to do all of it at once, but small step will be your little success, hopefully motivated to do next!

  1. Plan your menu for the week. It will take around 40 min, you can do it at Sunday.  It doesn’t have to be very specific, but try at least write down dinner options and if you working-lunches, that would be great for the start and easier for grocery shopping.
  1. Shopping list. With your shopping list based on your menu list you will do your food shopping faster and there will be no stress that you forgot something, everything will be there in the fridge. My Tip: do your grocery shopping for max 4 days. There is always a chance that you will do too much food, you won’t have time for lunch at work, or you go dine out with friends. And then instead of 4 you will have food for 6 days and then is more likely that you will just waste it, especially if you can’t freeze it.

  2. Do double portion size of your lunch. You are cooking once for 2 days, so both days you have something healthy to eat. Or you can freeze it, will be perfect when you really don’t have time.

  3. When you do food shopping, don’t forget about healthy snacks.

  4. Do your shopping online. If you really don’t have time is easy way, just ‘click’ and it’s in your home. And you don’t have to carry. I wouldn’t order everything, I like to shop for fresh fruits and veggies for example, but other things like water, milk, flour, why not!

  5. Prepare breakfast and lunch for next day. Lunch you can prepare the evening before, then just pack to a lunch box, while breakfast at least have the products ready for next morning. Save time and less stress from morning.

Here are my few lunch ideas, easy and quick: (link)

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY. I understand that sometimes people are really too busy to do gym training, running, or home workout, but try to consider this:

  1. Schedule time for exercise at the weekend at least. Even if it’s gonna be a half an hour at Saturday and Sunday, it is always something and definitely you will feel better after. And who knows, maybe then you will find time in a week as well for it.

  2. Get up earlier. Of course only if you sleep at least 7-8 hours. Good workout even at home can be done in 30 min. Or jog. You can always go sleep earlier and wake up earlier then. So rise and shine baby!

  3. Walk as much as you can. Maybe some day you can walk to work, or walk after work? If you have very busy, stressful life, you have to move regularly. Physical activity is the key, you can’t ignore it!

  4. No time for gym? No problem! Do a 15 min bodyweight workout, tabata, sprints. It is always better than nothing! Tip: Every activity is good, you just have to enjoy it. If you’re not sure which one is the best for you I’m here link to under5fit to help.

YOUR MIND. Healthy lifestyle means taking care of your mind as well. Try yoga, meditation once or twice a week. Schedule some ‘Me’ time in your calendar, make time to relax, read books, or even spa evening and try to stick to it. Healthy body is a healthy mind, there is no doubt about it. Tip: Sleep is crucial for your fitness journey. It is recovery and it’s essential on your healthy life journey. Here is why.


Very useful for your meals and training plan can be your phone. You can set up reminder, or download fitness apps to track your workout, meals, calories.  Signup with me and you have easy access to your workouts, nutrition, meal and calorie tracking, from your phone or computer.  My other favourite app is also MyFitnessPal but mine it better!

Hope this post give you some ideas to start better more healthy life.

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Thanks for reading!

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