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Sexy Silhouette At Home Edition

Sexy Silhouette At Home Edition

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Sexy Sillhouette Program was created with a simple message in mind- To feel great in your body. To feel comfortable in your own skin. To feel confident knowing you are able to sculpt your body into the best it has ever looked.

Are you unsatisfied with your body right now? Do you wish you could improve your figure and achieve your dream body? 

Personally, I have always accepted my body but deep down I knew that I could always do better and be better. A couple years ago I decided to take action and start working out to achieve my dream body goals.

Do you struggle knowing which workouts to perform or how to eat?

When I started working out, I noticed that my body was changing. However, it wasn’t changing to how I wanted it to look. I wanted to keep my waist small but instead it was getting wider and my quads were becoming bigger than my booty.

By learning about proper nutrition and tailored training I've created plan for myself and became consistent.

I wanted my body to look strong and toned but still feminine and sexy.

I've changed my plan and I started to see results I desired.

I am so thrilled that I now get to share with you the exact workouts that I do to achieve feminine curves! These workouts are designed to target all areas of your body and set up to maximize your results. 

Sexy Silhouette Program cover 12 weeks of workouts that are focus on:

- how to achieve small waist by right training and nutrition

- glutes (not quads) dominant exercises

- right moves to achieve slim legs

- upper body exercises for toned and sculpted arms

Sometimes I tell myself a lot of excuses, so I made sure that there isn’t one to prevent you from looking your best. This 12 weeks program requires no equipment, and can be done at the convenience of your own home.

Embrace your curves with me!

  • Introduction Consultation, Goal Setting
  • Member Exclusive App Access to view your Programs
  • Customised 12 Weeks Workout Program
  • Exercises Video Demonstrations
  • 7 days Nutrition Plan made by our Health and Nutrition Coach
  • Specific macros and calories intake sample
  • Complete shopping list
  • Progress tracking
  • Weekly email check -in
  • Email support 24/7
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Nutritional support
  • Access to private FB group

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